ICVM! International Christian Visual Media- This Week in St . Louis!

Heading to St Louis this week, looking forward to seeing so many folks I’ve missed for the past year and reconnecting. AND meeting a whole ‘nother bunch! Beverly Holloway, Cecil Stokes, Gary Wheeler, Jim Hanon, Shane Sooter, and good buddy Gary Moore (got cha!) are only a smattering of the people I’m looking forward to hearing from. And there’s still time for you to come, come for the day or the full conference, you will get your money’s worth in knowledge & new relationships!

Very exciting news is that A Cry for Justice has been nominated for a Crown Award, and I get to see my good friend Jackie Carpenter at the banquet! Winners will be announced during an always fun & entertaining awards ceremony, this Friday! I’m already sitting on pins & needles!

See you there!