Stand Your Ground at the Gideon Film and Media Conference


Jackie and Francine at the Gideon


Stand Your Ground the true story of A Cry for Justice continues to win honors! The latest was the Bronze award at the ICVM conference, as well as a screening spot at the Gideon conference, and Michael McClendon’s  screenplay has again won 1st place, this time at the Alaska International Film Festival!.  All this from a tragedy that hit the Carpenter/Vietch families only a few years ago.

It was my honor to play the role of Jackie Carpenter, in this intense film based on the actual events. I have been blessed ever since by our friendship and her family.  Jackie came to the Gideon conference, to be a part of the special screening grandkids in tow, and we shared a Q & A afterwards.

Life has changed drastically for Jackie since that night 5 years ago. Her son, a building contractor, had been plagued with copper theft. He had filed 17 claims with the police, and finally a rogue cop suggested that her son arm himself to defend his property, and hold the thieves at gun point until the authorities arrived. That was a fatal mistake, a life was lost, and lives were changed.

When the trial was over, Jackie wrote a book about the tragedy, and after that, another about the faith that got her through it. After those two books, God still wasn’t finished with her, He told her it was time to make a film that would offer hope to the millions, and that is where A Cry for Justice was born.

From Tragedy to Triumph, is how the film is described. The scenes are intense, emotions raw, and the joy that comes from faith in our Father, unbridled. Triple Horse Studios is currently in negotiations for a theatrical release, should be big news next week!