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Not Your Typical Actress




Overnight sensation! On target! BULLS EYE!  Stellar phrases, but not how I’d describe my career path!  I could pick and choose a few highlights, tie them together with a pretty bow, but if you want to get to know the real me, and I hope you do, then read on!

First off, this is me talking, really me, so I’ll write in first person, and invite you along.

According to my mom, I always wanted to be a (s)‘tar’. In grade school I was the ‘Cowardly Lion’ in The Wizard of Oz, an Indian and a pilgrim in a Thanksgiving play (you remember, when kids were allowed to dress up without “offending” anyone?), and hammed it up for the 12 days of Christmas, setting the stage!!

After out living the nickname “Ugly Duckling”, I began modeling, then commercials, training films (I’m great with an “ear”!) and I was even a top hand model!

Eventually the financial markets crashed, the ad industry took a dive, and with a son to raise on my own, I left the industry and opted for the security of a regular paycheck. Instead of clipping coupons, I was in charge of a 2 million dollar budget….and actually saved 10’s of thousands in my first year while upgrading! Brilliant move to hire a single mom!  

10 years later, I realized I missed the business and the camaraderie.  My first few shorts I was nominated best Supporting Actress twice and then won a few Best Actress Awards, even produced my first short film, which won Best Film!

I was offered the lead role in Stand Your Ground, and lived in Georgia for a few months and loved it! My husband and I moved to the Atlanta area, which coincided with the boom in the film industry.

I’ve had some great experiences and booked some great shows. I loved being on Nashville as Sandra Barkley (Avery’s mom), and building a character on The Dream Factory, but the freakiness of The Passage now gets my number one ranking!

Since Stand Your Ground, I’ve been involved in some tremendous projects, Christmas Ranch, Mine 9, The Dream Motel, Charlies Christmas Wish, but as an actor, there are tons of auditions, but lots of waiting to be hired, so I started ElFilm Productions, and after making a few short films, completed our first feature, MODERN PRODIGAL, which is being distributed by Bridgestone Media Group!   

With all that going on, is life all about acting? No way! Actually, when I meet people at workshops, so often they tell me how they love the bees and my home remodeling projects. I also love travel, and experiencing new cultures and people, have flipped a few houses, doing all the remodeling on my own (windows, floors, drywall-yuck), I’ve put in ponds, extensive landscaping, and…. I’m a bee keeper!

My characters may have better arcs than my career! But every day I learn something new, or get something accomplished, that makes for a good day in my book!

There you have it, not your typical bio, but, I’m not your typical actress!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you will stay in touch, follow me, and reach out!

Ciao, I’ve got to go feed the birds! Did I tell you I just built a chicken coop?!?