Following Georgia Justice

Everyday sees more and more interest in the story behind and the making of A Cry for Justice (formerly Georgia Justice). All the pieces are falling into place, more people are actively promoting, but what a learning curve!

As much as Facebook is a continually changing creation, new “opportunities” for social media keep cropping up and if you don’t get on the band wagon right away, seems you are left in the dust. From my perspective, it’s quite a juggling act, is it a valid use of time to figure out which will be the latest & greatest & have staying power?

Twitter is firmly entrenched, which means I’ll stick with that. Speaking of Twitter, ACFJ now has passed 1,000 Twitter followers! Facebook, however, has been around longer but needs to play catch up! Is this an indication of the fragmented way we are taking in our information? We can handle 140 character tweets, but actually going on to a website, too much info? We don’t read the interview, but listen only to the soundbites? I wonder.

What are our thoughts? Would you rather get updates via Twitter? Read a post on Facebook? There will be more & more interviews & articles being posted. I’m learning the jargon & technique (like the THREE links in this post! Huurah!), thank heavens for a certain son of mine to educate me!

In the meantime, here is a great article about Jackie Carpenter, the woman who wrote the books that led to making the film Georgia Justice, and who I am honored to be playing in the film. (Note the additional link!)

Now please, go to the Facebook page and click “like”!

How about that, 5 links in one blog post! It’s the little things in life that excite me, like learning new things!