Check Out the Pizza Spot

What a fun day it was shooting the Palermo Pizza spot. Everyone was thoroughly pleasant on set, and I had lots of different versions of the scenes to shoot. Usually you don’t see most of it & such was the case here. What was great, was that I had lots to do, and in my mind, that makes for a super day. It’s very easy to stay positive when you are working all day, much better than sitting & waiting!


Very rewarding that they caught the perfect moments on tape, makes for a project to be proud of. Not to mention that there were SO many extra pizzas, they proved to be a staple while I was out of town. I thought Pizza for breakfast was only in college!

Tomorrow a short shoot for a church in St Charles, that is also rewarding, to know that your work goes towards a greater good!


It was 40+ degrees today & sunny, I’m dreaming of the day when I can see green grass under the snow! Share the Dream!

Francine LockeComment