168 Film Project


February means time for the engines to engage & get rolling on a short film project. The 168 is an LA based film competition with entries from around the world. Two years ago I flew out & was selected to be in 2 films, last year I made my own entry & this year, I by-passed both & was asked to be a part of Gary Voelker’s team . Wow! Awesome team!

First off, in explanation of the competition, this is a Christian contest, not that all participants are Christians, but each entry will be based on basic biblical principals. Each team is assigned a verse from the Bible, and that’s where it gets really interesting. When you hear how the verses that have been randomly picked has a special meaning for that director or writer, you know something big is happening! Once the verse has been assigned, it gets really hectic, story lines, plots, locations, potential characters all get thought over again and again, and the writing begins, under a deadline. the verse is chosen on Monday, writing begins Tuesday, followed by rewrites on Wed, Thurs, Fri, etc. Then comes casting & locations, finally, cameras are ready to roll 10 days later. During the next 7 days, 168 hours, a short film will be made, from start to finish: filming, editing, sweetening, scoring, and then it has to be postmarked to get back to Burbank for judging.


Jason Hildebrand was the lead in Gary’s riveting drama about a man who wakes with no memory, but flashbacks of a less than perfect life which he wants to rectify. I play his wife with a startling surprise to the ending. What a great opportunity to work with such gifted people, many new friendships were started, and it is apparent this will not be our only project together. Several behind the scene photos are beginning to trickle out on facebook, stay tuned to be the first to hear when nominations are announced at the 168!

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