Fun Times in February!


February is turning out to be a lovely, busy, albeit cold, month! First, we were belted by the blizzard, flights cancelled, but I enjoyed every extra moment in NC! Then back to Chicago & shoveling, well, not much shoveling, auditioning, and fighting the months worth of mail, such a chore! BUT a few auditions, meetings with coaches & agents, and formulating concrete plans for 2011!

Many friends & associates are currently involved in their film for the 168 Project. If you are not familiar with it, the 168 Project is a Faith based film contest, a verse from the bible is assigned to each team, and then they have one week, 168 hours, to complete a short film. Shooting, editing, scoring, the whole enchilada! It is a daunting & thrilling experience. 2 years ago I participated in 2 films for the 168 in LA, was nominated Best Supporting Actress for Stealing Home, opposite Frank Ashmore ( V, West Wing). Then last year I produced Family Law, for which I was awarded Best Actress at the Gideon. This year rolled around, and while my intention was to go out to LA & participate again, instead I ended up in NC for 3 weeks. Once I got home I still had the bug to be a part of the 168, but with less than a week realized it would be too taxing to pull together a team & create a high quality project.

Well, lucky me, “someone” was watching out for me, and I have been invited to be a part of Gary Voelkers team in Seattle. He has written a powerful, emotional script, characters with layers & great depth and, well, that’s what I love about film making! So next week I’m off to SEA! My prayers were answered once again, isn’t it amazing what happens when you stop trying to force things along?

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