A Little Late, Happy New Year!

Whew, who would have thought the week would just zip right by? Last week felt different somehow, but now it’s as if time is just marching by. It’s difficult to plan for the coming months, too much to do & too few parameters. LA is an option, just for the heck of it, but then there is NC & the friends out there. And they do have a somewhat more stable economy!

Illinois was just elected number one! The worst place to retire, now that’s sad! But a great incentive to get to a warmer climate and of course the audition opportunities will also be better. Unfortunately, all major film roles are cast outside of the Chicago area, even if a project is being filmed here. We have a great reputation for Improv & Theater, but there is still the stigma of being the midwest, and not NY or LA. Once again, a super incentive to get out & explore, see what lies on the other side of the mountain!

Unfortunately, I had to turn down the lead in an upcoming Psychological Drama, because of a funding problem. One of the major concerns of independent film, is how to raise enough capital to make a decent project that has a good chance of not only recouping your investment, but making a profit. It’s a conundrum. I could have invested, but then I thought why not simply invest in my own project that I would have greater control of? So, now the field is wide open, hence the trip to LA & later NC! Decisions, decisions, but isn’t that better than a stalemate?

I pray for a wonderful, exciting New Year. I hope many doors of opportunity are flung wide for all of us! May 2011 be the best one yet!

Francine LockeComment