Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween you say? Not here it wasn’t. What a let down! I’d read earlier about various Celebs who have had to “apologize deeply” for potentially offending someone for either a comment or a costume. Halloween has lost it’s cache, it appears non-existent, and there’s not too much fun about it.

I’ve read that one is not supposed to change their skin tone, but there’s something weird about a pale-skinned Diana Ross or a white kid, doing the moonwalk with a sparkly glove. And costumes, if ethnically inspired, are taboo too, you can’t be an Indian, or a Geisha Girl, as that may be considered offensive. I guess a dirndl, kimono or togo are off-limits too…oh dear! But I did see a horror face mask in a nun’s habit. Now why wouldn’t that hurt someone’s feelings….?  I don’t suppose you should be able to change your age either. Dressing as an old man with a white beard, well, that’s age discrimination!

That leaves us with what, animals? How about a jackass…..oops! Sorry! Or superhero, yes, that’s the ticket, let’s turn a day of dress up into a perk for the advertisers with licensing fees! How about a cheerleader outfit, not just any cheerleader, but one from Riverdale, yea, another licensing bonus!  A bottle of hot sauce, pack of Nerds, or Oreos, a box of wine, and dozens of other TV/Cartoon characters. (All licensing related).

Ahhh, for the good old days when some green face makeup and a black pointy hat would be acceptable…and fun!

And what on earth has happened to Trick or Treat?  The days when kids were left loose for hours to wander the streets filling up a special Halloween bag, NOT a plastic shopping bag, or pillowcase!  It’s supposed to be special, make an effort! Culture and creeps have changed our behavior, children cannot just go door to door in a strange neighborhood, sometimes even being scared by the person who’d come to the door! Now, parents have to accompany them, door to door…..or trunk to trunk! What on earth? Trunk or Treat?

Tonight a total of 3 kids came to the door, nice kids, all in costume and all said Trick or Treat! But THREE?!?

Parents, let’s make a deal, let’s forget the ritual, since so few participate anyhow. Next year, go out and buy your kids ten bucks worth of candy, and give it to them for dinner. Then I won’t have to sit here looking at a 5 pound bag of candy…. !


Now, what have you got to trade? 

Happy Halloween!