Hatin’ Harvey #metoo


Seems the “in” thing to do today, is to show shock, disgust, outrage, and share #metoo stories of sexual abuse. Since the news began to break on Weinstein’s behavior and activities, I’ve gone through a myriad of emotions and thoughts.

Initially, I was surprised by the surprise, what’s the big deal, this is not big news, it’s been going on a LONG time. Did anyone think “casting couch” was a catchy phrase for “incredible acting skill”?

And lest anyone feel secure in their glass house throwing stones at Hollywood, let me enlighten you, it’s right in your town, your backyard, your business, your church… maybe even your house?

I could now go on my own tirade, describe shocking and hurtful things from my life, but to what purpose? Instead, I’m going to encourage you to ask WHY? And my perspective may not be embraced, but think about it.

When kids do poorly in school, we look to the root cause, poor nutrition, unstable family, etc. When adults behave poorly, are we willing to look to the root cause, or do we just feign disgust, feel a little tingle of excitement (like looking at a car wreck) reading about how bad HE was, and then move on, looking for the next event to entertain our thoughts. Could it be that our sexualized and edgy culture contributes to what we now see regularly, with little shock value?

I’m not suggesting any woman is personally responsible for a man forcing himself on her, whether it is by coercion or rape. But think about what we accept as a society and even embrace and encourage by what we read, what we watch, how we conduct ourselves. Could any of the people who are so outraged by Weinstein and the other stories now coming out, actually in some way be contributing to this behavior?

The arts affect the human spirit so very deeply, and what we see becomes deeply engrained in our minds. What one accepts into the body, be it visual, auditory, sensory, or even ingesting, becomes a part of the person one way or another.

The arts and appreciation of the arts have evolved over the decades. Think of the beauty depicted by the old masters, how does that compare to what we see today? Art is now more popularly used to depict degradation of the human condition. Art is only considered notable if it pushes the line right over the edge, whether it be on stage, screen or in a gallery.

I could take this topic and go on and on, but for now, think about what we may have done to help create the culture that force and fear are acceptable means to what ever WE want. A totally self centered, narcissistic society, always seeking the next story, the next thrill.

What are you watching? What are your kids watching? Listening to? Emulating? Striving for? What do you talk about?

Think about it. please.

What you watch, wear, listen to becomes YOU!