Father’s Day – Happy?

Father 2008 Christmas

Father 2008 Christmas

Father’s Day, picnics, Barbecues, a ballgame a beer? Shirt & tie…do they even give those as gifts anymore?

Happy Father’s Day to all those great dads who get their official recognition but once a year, but admiration year round. I so enjoy the picture and posts of these happy family moments.

And then, there are those for whom the sentiments ring less than true, somewhat hollow, maybe bring up a bit of bitterness. Those of us who maybe didn’t experience all the joy surrounding the patriarch of the family. That’s really who this post is for.

Traditions surrounding Father’s Day at my home were less than admirable. Yes, we gave the proverbial shirt & tie to my father, would have a barbecue, say the words out loud, but the real sentiment came through in the snarky cards. The cards that said to just lie around all day, eat all day, watch tv, etc. How sad. I’m not proud of that.

My dad was not involved in our lives much, took little interest, didn’t do things unless we “made” him. Never went to a ball game, was gone more than he was home, and we didn’t mind that, the house was peaceful in his absence. But why? What makes a person like that?

Now that I’m “grown up” I have a different perspective, and a bit more compassion. My Father never talked about his past, he said, “What is there to say? Why talk about bad memories? Ahh, a clue. ’nuff said.

So, for all of you with less than story-book dads, maybe, just maybe, he is doing much better than his father did, and maybe, his father did better than his and so on down the line. Maybe he needs a little grace, and even respect for at least sticking it out.

I’m sorry I never told my father that I realized he had tried. He never let on how it may have hurt him. He saw a clip of a film I had done a few years ago and said he was proud of me, I was so surprised! And more surprised at how much it actually meant to hear him say that. Simple words. I’m sorry, Father.

So, you fathers, who may be the brunt of the snarky cards, maybe there is some truth to them? Maybe it’s time to make a change in your & your family’s lives? It is never too late to try! The rewards will be huge.

Father 2015

Father 2015

And to you dads who are the ideal, thank you! Thank you for setting an example, being who you are, staying steadfast, true and being involved in your families. There are many more lives at stake than you realize, those watching you, maybe yearning for what you have to offer. Keep it up, Father’s Day is so much more than one day!

Happy Father’s Day!