New Years Thoughts for 2016

2016, a new year and a new time in life for me. In the past two years, I’ve lost both my parents, and made a life changing move to Atlanta. I’ve logged 70,000 miles driving between Chicago & Nashville & Atlanta, plus many thousand air miles, had lead & supporting roles in several features in Georgia, New York, Florida and Maryland. I’ve had a recurring role on Nashville, been nominated best actress for the 2016 Georgia Gala, produced (and acted) in a short to introduce my upcoming film Take Me With You, broke two bones, and through it all, maintained my sanity, (for the most part), through the unwavering support and encouragement of my husband, the confidences and intimacy I’ve shared with dear friends, and the affirmation of seeing God’s hand moving through it all.

These have been some of the most difficult years I’ve experienced, and I’ve known a few challenges….. My mom used to say that life makes you who you are, but I believe our past prepares us for our future. We can survive and use what we’ve learned to better our tomorrows, and choose not to be crippled with regret.

For you, my friends, both those I know personally, and those I’ve yet to meet face to face, I hope 2016 brings you joys and magical moments, and that you take the time to really appreciate those times. And when the carpet gets pulled out from under you, and life throws you a curve ball, see it, feel it, embrace it, and then move on. Get something out of every moment, be it a laugh or a revelation. Do not be burdened by sadness and regret, forgive others in your heart, as you have been forgiven, for anger and bitterness only hurt you.

Get out and do something, if your life is not where you want it to be, then make different choices. We are in the greatest country, live like it. Do not expect others to provide your needs, you’ve got the basics, but you have the responsibility to go out and fend for your self. Mom used to say, “God gives every bird its food, but He does not put it in the nest”.

I hope for open doors, amazing moments, and great accomplishments, just remember, you have to push the door, see the moments, and work for your accomplishments.

Happy New Year!

With love and hope,